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Shoelace and Cypress

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For the most part, you can use Shoelace components the same way you’d use their HTML equivalents, since they emit many of the same events (click, focus, etc). But like all web components, Shoelace components encapsulate their internal parts within the shadow dom. This means that the internals of Shoelace components aren’t available directly on the DOM (via document.querySelector, etc.), but have to be queried via the Element.shadowRoot property.

Cypress provides a convenience method for accessing the shadow dom via the .shadow() method..

cy.get('sl-button[href]').shadow().find('a'); // Will find the anchor tag within a link button
cy.get('[data-test-id="some_sl_button"]').click(); // Should work fine on a button where id is set at the top level

More tips coming soon! (And remember, you too are free to contribute to this guide!)